Singapore Flyer and Gardens By the Bay

When we first arrived in Singapore, we spent the first day checking out the city. We got on the Hop on hop off bus and went exploring.

First stop – The Singapore Flyer. This is the giant ferris/observation wheel basically. It’s the biggest one in the world! It takes about half an hour for the wheel to go around once. We had some great views from the top around the wheel. On a clear day apparently you can see as far as Malaysia and Indonesia.


The Marina Bay Sands Hotel (next time I’m in Singapore I am so staying here!). Apparently the rooftop infinity pool is awesome!IMG_0034IMG_0026IMG_0027

The Grand Prix was held here a few months back.IMG_0046IMG_0040

After the flyer we got back on the bus and went to Gardens on the Bay. These gardens are beautiful. We had planned to go to the children’s garden and have a play in there (it has a water play area), unfortunately we were there on a Monday and the children’s garden was closed. We didn’t know and we were very disappointed! Still, it was beautiful to walk around in the garden. I would have loved to see it at night (another reason to go back!). By the time we left the gardens though, we were hot, sticky, sweaty and hungry!


We got back on the bus and ended up back near our Orchard Road hotel at the Hard Rock Cafe for a late lunch! The kids’ meals came in a guitar-shaped plate, which my girls loved!


If you are visiting Singapore, Gardens on the Bay and the Singapore Flyer are must-do’s to get a good overview of the city and its beauty. (don’t go to the Gardens on a Monday if you have kids…. ๐Ÿ™‚ )


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