Mariner of the Seas

This post is to give you more of a detailed overview of the ship my family cruised on…Mariner of the Seas. I went on this cruise as part of my holiday to Singapore and Hong Kong.

Mariner of the Seas is a Voyager class ship owned and operated by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. The ship mainly operates out of Asia and does cruises within Asia from Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.


The solarium pool (adults only) on Mariner.IMG_0075


The Royal Promenade (don’t mind the look on my daughter’s face! LOL).

There were a few high-end shops here. I am not really a designer label shopper (I look, but don’t buy!) so it was interesting to watch everyone go crazy when they had “sales” on designer handbags and watches. If you look carefully towards the top of the photo, there are a bunch of windows overlooking the promenade. Some of the staterooms have windows that look over the promenade instead of the ocean. If you get an inside room, this is most likely the view you will get. Good for watching the Dreamworks parade though, and as I was on a New Year’s Cruise, it would have been awesome to have a room watching the countdown to 2016…but alas!


The Dreamworks Sailaway parade

IMG_0093The front windows of the ship


Putt Putt golf at sea (was rather breezy when we took this!)

There is a lot to do on this ship. As well as the usual pools, casino, theatre, bars and so on there’s a gym, video game arcade, ice skating rink, rock climbing wall, inline skating track, basketball court and more.

Food – You will never starve! Lots of options. Most are included in the cruise, but some restaurants you pay a per person charge to eat at.

Each passenger is allocated a dining room they can eat at each night for formal dining. There are set dining times, or you can book My Time Dining and come at a time that suits you (but you have to prebook this). The food here is really nice, and there is a fair bit of choice. You can choose between around four or five dishes for each course of your meal. The menu also had Asian options, every day there were different things to choose from. Plus there is a kids menu (although that didn’t change every day). When you go to formal dining you sit in the same area and have the same wait staff each night. Our waiters were Nur and Subhang (Bangbang), two lovely guys from Indonesia. Regan was our barman from India.

Some of the lovely food from the dining room.

If you aren’t into formal, there’s the Windjammer buffet. Breakfast was held there every day, but you could go up there anytime for lunch or dinner as well. Being in Asia, there were Asian and Indian food options in the buffet, and also an Asian-only food buffet attached to Windjammer called Jade.

On the Royal Promenade there is a cafe on it that serves cakes and snacks (wraps, pizza slices etc), as well as brewed coffee and tea. You can also get what RC call “premium coffee” there (cappuccinos and lattes etc) but you have to pay extra for those.

The ship has room service so you can order food into your room if you wish, I think they only charge late at night. A number of times we would go to the bar/cafe and buy drinks then take them back to our room.

There were a few paid dining options, but we didn’t do any of these. Chops Grille, Giovanni’s Table (Italian) and Johnny Rockets (burgers).

Service was great. All the staff spoke English really well. Many of the staff also spoke an Asian language and were from an Asian country (I did manage to find the one Mauritian guy though!). Staff were friendly and helpful. I had brought the wrong plug for the ship (yes RC Fans Facebook group friends, even after seeing the post a million times I still stuffed up!) and I was loaned a plug I could use on board (I gave it back when I bought one).

Money – Everything is charged in US dollars. I spent half my cruise carrying my phone around with my currency converter app on! RC actually use a cashless system on board. When you embark you are given a SeaPass card. This card is your room key, ID (because RC look after your passport while you are on board) and credit card. You pay for everything with this card and then it gets charged to your account. At the end of your cruise RC can charge it to your credit card (and you can choose beforehand if it charges you in $US or your home currency) or you can pay cash at the end. During the cruise you can put on your TV in your room and you have an itemised statement showing what you have bought and how much you have spent.

Kids Club – I can’t really talk too much about this. My girls only went once the entire cruise for about 2 hours. When they did go, they enjoyed themselves. I think they liked the time apart from their sister, as the groups are arranged into age groups. We were happy to sit by the pool relax with a drink and watch them swim, they loved the pool too!

Port Days – We had 3 days in port. We got off each time but you don’t have to. Port Klang and George Town the ship was docked, so getting on and off was not a big deal, but in Phuket the ship was tendered (anchored offshore) and you have to get on a smaller ferry to get to the port. I had heard mixed reviews about the tendering process. In the end we had no issues. There was a process and we got off reasonably quickly.


The Mariner tendered offshore in Phuket.

So there you have it! As much as I can remember right now about the ship itself. I highly recommend cruising, we had such a great experience.





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